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why is my face so dry

Why is My Face So Dry

In order to get rid of dry skin, you should try the following skin care remedies!


It can be surprising to wake up one morning to discover that you face seems dry and may even be flaky in some spots. When faced with severe acne and other dry skin problems we often feel a little bit panicked and ask “why is my face so dry?” This is especially the case when your face looks dull, red or flaky.

Certain parts of your skin may even be peeling due to severe dryness. There must be a solution on how to get rid of dry skin and get your face looking normal again. It might even be a good idea to understand what is causing dry skin, so that you know what you are up against. 

Understanding Why Your Face is Dried Out

In understanding why our faces become red or dry, it is fundamental to know which skin care product to use to help eliminate the problem altogether. It is often irritating as well as embarrassing to stand in a public area having to scratch your flaky or very dry skin.

You may very well discover that it could be either the environment or something that you are doing wrong that is doing this to your face. Often times it is improper facial care and dietary habits that tend to strip away fatty oils and leave your skin unprotected.

It must be said though, that you will very seldom find the cause to be internal due to a specific health condition or genetic predisposition. What we need to realize is that dry skin could simply be caused by using harsh soaps, wrong clothing that makes us itch, using the wrong moisturizer, and having long hot showers that dry our skin. The truth is there could be a lot of reasons why your face has become suddenly dry.  Here are just a few of those reasons and ways that you can correct the situation. 

You're Using The Wrong Face Soap

You may simply be using the wrong face soap or skin cleanser on your face.   In many cases when you use the wrong face soap you don't really notice how much it is drying your skin for several months or even years.  Other times the difference can be seen almost immediately.

Try using soaps that don't contain any dyes or perfumes and have glycerin in them.  The more natural the soap the less likely it is to dry out your skin.

Exposure To The Wind or The Sun

Exposing your face to long periods to the wind, cold and/or sun can dry out the skin on your face and may even cause it to flake and itch. Regardless of the weather you should never spend long periods out of doors without using a good moisturizing sun screen to keep your skin from suffering the damage cause by the weather. 

Indoor Heat and Lack of Humidity

Another reason your face may be drying out is that in the winter you increase the heat in your house and artificial heat has a way of zapping all the humidity from the houses atmosphere.  The combination of heat and lack of humidity is bound to dry out your skin not only on face but, over your entire body.  The solution to this problem is to get a good humidifier and use it.  A large warm air room humidifier can not only help to keep your skin moist but, can actually make your home feel warmer allowing you to turn down the heat a notch or two.

You Are Simply Getting Older

As you get older your skin begins to lose some of it's natural moisture and dries out.  While you can't turn back the clock and become a teenager once more, you can help to restore your skins moisture in a number of ways.  First, make sure that you drink plenty of water as being hydrated also means that you are keeping your skin hydrated as well.  Second, use moisturizing cream twice a day to not only add moisturizer to your face, but also to hold in the moisturizer you have.  In addition, many people find that taking fish oil supplements help their skin retain some of it's natural moisturizer and look younger. 

As you can see, your face can dry out for any number of reasons but, there are things you can do to restore some of that moisture and have your skin feeling less dry and looking more beautiful in no time at all.

What Dry Skin Effects We Will Experience

Part of the reason why the skin on our faces is so dry is due to a lack of sufficient moisture. Our facial skin layers consist of dead skin cells a lot of the time, which gets pushed to the surface as our skin regenerate itself. If you do not have enough moisture, your skin will be dry which will have other effects such as scaling and flaking.

Dry skin often feels tight and as the outer layer of our face pulls even tighter it may result in fine cracks or rough skin texture, which can result in blotches or other skin infections such as eczema or folliculitis, which we really do not want.

Skincare Remedies for Dry Skin

You will be happy to know that there is help in the form of gentle cleansers, toners and moisturizers that we have discovered to be the ideal solution to get rid of dry skin. There are creams or lotions that will help you find answers as to why is my face so dry.

We came across very powerful facial cleansers that are fragrance free, and contain no parabens or any other harmful chemicals. It is just what the doctor ordered for very dry sensitive skin.

The suggestion was made to use a very good natural face moisturizer and to apply it within 5 minutes of washing your face to lock in the moisture content. Do not forget to apply a good night cream that will rejuvenate your skin while you are sleeping.

We encourage you to go to our store and get yourself toners, moisturizers, cleansers, day and night creams for your face if you are seriously want to get rid of dry skin.

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