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Why is Face Darker Than Body or Neck


face darker than rest of bodyWe are all conscious of our looks, and some are even self-conscious. This is understandable, because we are often judged on our looks. Girls get judged because girls are typically expected to be pretty and to have a certain body shape. Sometimes, girls who do not meet such a criteria can find themselves ignored by potential partners, or even shunned by friends and society. This is because we all take notice of how we look, and of how other people look. This will not change, and it affects anyone who has a slightly more unusual look. Being different is of course not a problem, but this does not mean that you are going to feel comfortable walking into a crowded room.

A problem among some women have is that their face sometimes appears darker than their body, through brown patches. The difference between the the face and body can range from just a shade off to extremely different colors. This causes no end of stress and worry for the sufferers, who feel very self-conscious and find it difficult to go out in public. Some of them are serious cases that are quite alarming to look at.

There are several causes for this, and usually it does not affect your health.  One of the causes is called hyperpigmentation. Read on to learn what this is, how it affects your skin, and the steps to take in order to get a more even skin tone.

Hyperpigmentation is a harmless condition, which can lead to darker patches of skin on your face. Many people have it to some degree, but some have it to a much larger degree, leading to faces almost being covered in dark blotches of skin. This is why some people feel very embarrassed about their skin. It does affect the looks of people, and can cause people you pass in the street to stare at you. The pigment melanin is over produced, which leads to it settling in the skin, and therefore causing brown blotchy skin patches.

To deal with such a condition there are a few courses of action that are available usually through your medical specialist. Laser treatment is quickly becoming a major course of action; with many hyperpigmentation sufferers turning to this method to quickly and painlessly lessen the effects of the condition. You can purchase creams that help with the situation, however these take longer to have an effect, and can be a little uncomfortable to start off with. They do work though, and again work to lessen the effects of hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Whichever course of action you take, consult with your physician first. They should be able to offer you advice as regards the safest thing to do, because they know you best.

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