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why is face always oily

Why Face is Always Oily - What can I do about it?


oily face remediesBoth men and women experience oily face problems. Some of them use effective skin cream and other facial products just to prevent this from happening. 

Many people do wash their face regularly, but are stil stuck wondering why face is always oily? Millions of people keep on asking this question and yet they are still discontented on its answers. Experts claim that there are numerous reasons why oily face exists. These causes mainly vary depending on your daily activities in life.

Why face is always oily? Basically, oily face takes place because of heredity. This usually seems the case for the unsuspecting teenager. If your parents and other members of the family have an oily face, there is a great possibility that you will also be affected by high levels of facial oil. In addition, poor diet is also one of the reasons why oily face exists. If you fond of eating foods that are rich in fats, oils and grease, don’t be amazed if you have oily face. These foods can completely make your face oily because of an augmented sebum production. Furthermore, eating fried foods, fries, pizza, and burgers may also lead to oily face. Aside from these, oily face may also obtain through hormone levels. The (DHT) dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that can activate sebaceous glands in producing numerous sebum. Other causes of oily skin include cosmetic products, pollution and hot weather condition (especially if you live in the muggy, humid South)!

Oily Face Remedies

It is undeniable that most people particularly women often apply numerous cosmetic products. If you desire to apply any skin care products, see to it that you completely know its ingredients. Some skin products contain harmful chemicals and you should avoid this. As advised, you need to avoid using products with fragrances, parabens and alcohol. Now, it is true that hot weather also lead to oily face. So, if you are fond of roaming around even if there is a strong heat of the sun, make sure that you have a sun protection. This will surely help you in preventing oily face and skin as well. Through identifying its numerous causes, you can easily get rid of oily faces. Essentially, treating oily face breaks into two categories. First is to protect your skin from any harmful substances, external grime and dirt and try through constant usage of effective skin care products. Second is through preventing its occurrences. Now, if you have sensitive skin, you should be careful with what kind of skin care products that you put on. If you use most of the leading cosmetic products, you might end up facing with numerous skin problems. One of things that you can do is visit a Dermatoligist. They specialize in peoples skin and will be able to give you specific details on what to you and customize a plan that is designed to give you the best complextion. 

One of the main problems associated with an overly oily face is that it is at the very least uncomfortable, and at worst painful. It can make you hideous and therefore needs an urgent medication. Furthermore, treating oily face is not too simple. It can’t also be done in just a single click of your fingers. In order to get rid of this, all you have to do is to prevent its causes and try to use effective products or ointments. In that way, you are assured that you can completely eliminate oily faces and skin as well.

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