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how to make my nose look smaller

How to Make My Nose Look Smaller - 2 Quick and Easy Tricks to Make Your Nose Appear Smaller

Slim down the look of your nose with a couple of tricks that I picked up over the years.


Let's face it, not everyone is blessed with the perfect face. I have a big nose, so I have always wondered how to make my nose look smaller. If you are like me, and are curious about ways to keep your nose from standing out on your face, then follow some of these tips that I researched on how to slim down the appearance of a large nose.

How to Make My Nose Look Smaller - Two Quick Tips

The fact is, there are some ways to make your nose appear smaller, and you don't even need plastic surgery to do it. These are some tricks used by the world's top makeup artists, and beauticians in nearly every beauty salon know how to do them as well. If you do your own makeup, you should try these tips:

  • Darker is Better - Brighter colors will enhance the size of your nose, but darker shades will decrease the appearance of your nose. Try applying a darker colored powder on the sides of your nose to get the desired effect. A bronzer can do the trick, too. The final touch is to apply a highlighter down the center of the bridge of your nose. When you do this, you are creating the illusion that your nose is smaller, because the eyes won't focus on the larger part of your nose.
  • Nose Splints - Nose splints are small devices that are placed inside your nostrils to make your nose appear to be thinner. This trick is done by lifting the tip of your nose, giving it a more pointed look, and causing it to become smaller on the sides until the splints are removed.

There are various manufacturers that sell nose splints under various names. It's another way to make your nose look smaller. One of the most popular nose lifting and shaping device is called the Nose Up Lifting Shaping Beauty Clip. Amazon is the only place that I know of that sells these. They have gotten mixed reviews, because of the length of time it takes for the transformation process to complete. Most people who stick with it have learned that although it takes time, the results will eventually come.

How to Make My Nose Look Smaller - Conclusion

As you can see, these are quick ways to make your nose appear smaller. Both are economical and don't take a lot of time to implement.