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facial exercises for bells palsy

Facial Exercises for Bells Palsy


Bells Palsy Facial ExercisesBells Palsy is a facial paralysis caused by cranial nerve dysfunction. Its effect includes the inability of the facial muscles to control itself. There are conditions that arise due to Bells Palsy such as Lyme disease, brain tumor and stroke.
Bells Palsy is named after Charles Bell, a Scottish anatomist. He was the first person to describe the illness. It has been described as the most common kind of mononeuropathy, a disease that includes one nerve. This is also defined as the cause of facial nerve paralysis.

Bells Palsy is marked by symptoms that develop progressively. But at first they are not often recognizable. They continue to occur over a certain period of time. Something that many people begin to notice is pain in the ear area. In addition, a person suffers from pain at the back of his head. Other symptoms may include drooling, facial weakness, dizziness, twitching and dry mouth. In fact, impaired speaking is often noticeable.

As symptoms arise, one must pay attention on its cure. Facial exercises for Bells Palsy can regain one’s lost control on affected facial muscles. Facial exercises produces results that can be compared to a face lift. Creating a daily facial exercise routine is quick and simple, and can bring fast results. In fact, the routine may work in just seven days.

When you will undergo a Bells Palsy exercise, remember to just take it slow and easy. Don’t push yourself upon doing it. Careful and deliberate movements would show faster and better results. There are three facts that the exercise can promise you.

Facial exercises for Bells Palsy further improve the muscle tone. Thus, it helps for the recovery of the facial nerve. Bells Palsy facial exercise is done for almost fifteen or twenty minutes, thrice a day. Or it may vary on how many times you want to execute the exercise.

Massaging your cheeks, forehead and lips can help alleviate the symptoms of Bells Palsy. Put on a cream or oil as it can also help. Continue the application as it can help you on a fast recovery.
There’s still one thing you need to do before doing the exercise. First, trace the contour of the facial muscles you would be working. Doing so may now permit you to start the facial muscle exercise.

Bells Palsy Facial Exercises

Massage the face gently but of course, it may take a lot of patience. This is a good way to begin regaining the motion of the face. The motion is responsible to balance each side of the face. Over time the muscles in the droopy side of the face will regain its strength. It is not advisable to force the facial muscles by pulling on to each other. Concentrate on the exercise by facing the mirror and focusing on the control of your muscles. That way, you can be able to see if what you are doing is right. Do not just look at the muscles you’re working on. Instead, you have to feel it for better progress. It would be better to be familiar with the face.

The facial muscles are alot like body muscles. Work at them appropriately and you will begin to see and feel strength in your neck and face. Give yourself a break by doing a facial exercises for Bells Palsy and see its results after seven days!

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