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eye twitching causes

Eye Twitching with Headache - Causes and Treatments


It sure can be very annoying to have one of your eyes twitching uncontrollably. Whether it is the right eye twitching or the left eye twitching, the repetitive motion of your eyelid, usually your upper eye lid, is enough to make you cry out of pure frustration. It sometimes get to the point where headaches develop, especially if you are straining your eyes by concentrating on work that needs doing. It in turn may or may not lead to eye migraine if care is not taken to treat it. 

In a more serious form, eye lid twitch can become chronic resulting in persistent squinting and winking to the point where you may not be able to keep your eyes open. Some people experience eye lid twitching for weeks or even months. It will be interesting to know what causes this problem.

Eye Twitching - The Causes

Research have shown the leading causes of eye lid twitching to be fatigue, caffeine or stress. In more serious forms eye twitching takes place due to conditions like Blepharitis (Inflammation of eyelids), light sensitivity, pinkeye or dry eyes.

In very rare cases, twitching of the eyelid is a sign of nerve disorder, such as Dystonia, Tourette's syndrome, Bell's palsy or Parkinson's disease. Certain medication used for treating epilepsy and psychosis may have side effects that in turn will lead to eye lid twitching.

Conditions such as blepharospasm could be the result or combination of environmental factors or even genetic factors. It has been said that this condition is normally random, but seems to run in some families

If it goes unchecked, eye lid twitching either on the right eye or left eye may lead to blurry vision, facial spasms or an increased light sensitivity, where it can become so intense that the eyelid will stay shut for a couple of hours.

Treatments For Eye Twitching

Sometimes eye twitching clears up on its own. But it is not always the case and may call for medical intervention. In some cases by simply cutting back on your caffeine intake and getting enough sleep is all that is needed to solve the eyelid twitch issue. 

Other techniques you could employ to possibly solve the problem, includes brief meditation, stretching exercises, or even deep breathing for relaxation. Very useful too is to up your intake of natural magnesium as homeopathic tablets. It serves to calm your nerves which often times relax the eyelid muscle.

On the other hand if eye twitching lasts for weeks or months on end, it points to a more severe problem and needs to be checked out by your doctor. Untreated eye twitching can also make tempers flare, because it is very annoying and interferes with your quality of life. It is often accompanied with headaches as well as symptoms.

Medically, eye lid twitch can be treated using eye drops to lubricate the eye as it will relieve the dry eye syndrome. Even botox relaxes the eye muscle. However, in extreme cases the patient would need to make use of surgery to remedy the eye twitching.

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