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Ear Problems

Ear Problems - How To Safely Deal With Ear Pain

Earaches and other ear problems are common illnesses. Ear problems affect nearly ten million people in the United States each year.

When you have ear pain, you need to figure out if the pain is coming from the outer, inner, or middle ear. This could help determine the type of ear problem that you might have. The most common form of ear pain comes from otitis media (middle ear inflammation or infection).

Different symptoms of ear infections help to determine the exact area of injury or disease. Most of these symptoms can be felt by the affected person, but more often than not, an ear examination is required by a trained doctor.

Whatever symptoms you might have, information that you receive should not be viewed as a self-diagnosis. Instead, read this information and use it as a guide to help determine the actions you should take.

Who Are Affected by Ear Problems

• Children - Children are the most affected by ear infections. It's estimated that over 75% of children will experience an ear infection by the time they are three years old. This is very important for parents to know, because the cries they hear from their infant might not be from hunger or because they are tired. Instead, an ear infection causes extreme pain, and children usually pull on their ears and cry, because they cannot express themselves.

• Adults - One of the biggest reasons that adults have ear problems is because of earwax build up, inflammation, or an infection.

What You Can Do to Treat Ear Problems

The best way to treat ear problems is to clean your ears and take care of them before problems occur. Hydrogen peroxide is excellent for removing excess earwax and dirt from your ears.

When you have an ear problem that lasts for more than two days, you should see a doctor if pain or fever persists.


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