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Constant Stuffy Nose - Remedies, Instructions & Cures

If you want to decongest your nasal stuffiness and sinuses, read further for helpful tips.


Do you suffer from a constant stuffy nose? Millions of people everyday complain that they have trouble breathing because of a nose that never seems to let air get through properly.

The causes are varied: it could be hay fever, allergies to something specific, just a common cold, or something else entirely (like chronic sinusitis). Whatever the cause, if you’re currently suffering from nasal stuffiness and want to know how to get rid of congestion in the nose, keep reading to find some help.

Humid Hot Air for Stuffy Nose

One of the best remedies for a stuffy nose is warm, humid air. Dry air irritates the sinuses and makes a stuffy nose worse. You have probably noticed that you feel a lot better in a warm shower, but unfortunately you can’t be in the shower all day. So try holding a warm, wet towel over your nose while you are lying down.

If you can tolerate it, you can try running some warm air from a blow dryer through it while you breathe in the moist heat. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint essential oils to the towel will help clear things up even more. If your constant stuffy nose keeps you up at night, this is a great technique to use before bed.

Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose

If you’re looking for a more thorough technique for how to decongest a blocked nose, you should try nasal irrigation, more familiarly known as using a neti pot. Neti is a Sanskrit word that means "nasal cleansing". The neti pot is one of the best natural cures for nasal congestion. It typically comes as a small teapot shaped device which is usually ceramic or plastic.

The pot is filled with a saltwater solution that is then flushed through the nasal cavity. It’s pretty simple to use. Just lean over the sink, tilt your head to one side, and put the spout of the neti pot in your top nostril. Keep your nasal passages open and let gravity do most of the work as you tilt the solution into your nose. It may take some getting used to—we’re not usually too fond of water going up our noses—but after a few attempts, it will become easy. The neti pot is a simple and inexpensive way to improve a constant stuffy nose and is safe to use frequently.

The Role Hot Foods Play in Clearing Stuffy Nose

One last technique to help with a blocked nose is to eat more spicy foods. It may seem like a strange treatment, but spicy foods like those commonly found in Indian or Mexican cuisine are a natural decongestant. Another food that will make your nose clear up in a jiffy is wasabi. If you can stand the spiciness, these foods will make your nose feel a lot better.

Whatever technique you decide to use, remember not to blow your nose too hard or too frequently. Blowing hard irritates the nasal passage and can push blockage further up, making your congestion worse. If you need to blow, try doing it in the shower once the steam has loosened things up. A constant stuffy  nose isn’t fun, so don’t do anything that could make it worse.

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