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bad taste in mouth causes

Causes of Bad Taste In Mouth - Remedies to Fix Odor

Whether you are experience a bad or bitter taste in your mouth during pregnancy, after wisdom teeth removal, or after eating, this guide can help you put an end to the unpleasant symptoms.


If you are experiencing either a sudden or constant case of halitosis inside your mouth, then you are probably like most people and you just want to get rid of it! No need to worry because we are here to show you the common causes of bad taste in mouth, and what to do to make sure it goes away.

Halitosis is a fancy word for bad or unpleasant odor that comes from the mouth. Most people are ashamed of having this condition, and feel uncomfortable going to see a dentist in order to get treatment. We are here to tell you to fear not because trying to get rid of displeasing breath is one of the top reasons that people visit a dental office.

The following are several reasons that a bad or bitter taste has shown up in your mouth.

Bad Taste in Mouth During Pregnancy

While some women during pregnancy crave different and sometimes weird foods, others are stuck with the burden of having to deal with a horrible taste leftover after eating. This is the case for many women, and has been proven to be caused by a lack of zinc in your diet. The amount of zinc that women should consume when they become pregnant increases by almost double. A non pregnant woman should be consuming around 8 mg a day, while a pregnant woman who over the age of 18 should be taking 13 mg a day.

The cure for your bad taste in mouth during pregnancy is to take a prenatal vitamin. They will give you all the nutrients you need in order to eliminate the metallic and bitter tasting odor. It is advised to begin taking these vitamins even before you get pregnant because they can help prepare the body for the  p0regnancy.

If you need a fast fix for your halitosis but do not have access to prenatal vitamins, try some of these tricks to help eliminate bad breath odor.

  • Salt Water
  • Chewing or Bubble Gum
  • Lemons
  • Combination of Baking Soda and Water (Recommended)

Bad Taste In Mouth After Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you have had a wisdom tooth or two removed recently, you might be experiencing bad breath from the operation. This results from the healing process that the sockets go through after teeth extraction. Bacteria builds up as a result of the excess blood. Once your mouth begins to heal, you will notice that the smell becomes less and less noticeable.

A common solution to cure bad taste in mouth after wisdom teeth removal is to gargle with a mixture of salt and water that has been slightly warmed. Try to keep teeth as clean as possible and use this solution for your mouth at least twice a day.

Bad Taste in Mouth After Eating

For many people, bad breath can come from just eating a meal. This can usually be cleared by using dental floss, brushing teeth and following it up with some good mouth wash. If you do not have time for a good mouth cleaning, you may have to narrow down some of the foods that you can eat. Some peoples mouth have a bad reaction to certain types of food. This list includes food such as onions, garlic bread, certain types of tortilla chips (such as Doritos), cheese, tobacco, coffee, and alcohol just to name a few.

There can be many possible reasons that you are experiencing a bad taste in your mouth. If none of these solutions work, do not hesitate to consult with your dentist. They will give you specialized attention, and get you the fresh breath you are after!

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