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toxic chemicals in cosmetics

Are Toxic Chemicals In Cosmetics Damaging My Skin?

Find out why natural makeup is a smart choice for your face

Chemicals in cosmetics have been known to cause damage to the skin and bodies of women and men. For this reason, more natural approaches have been suggested by dermatologists, family physicians and other skin care experts.

If you decide to use natural cosmetics on your skin, it's very important that you pick the highest quality products that best suit your skin. 
Nearly every woman and man strives to look their best. Natural cosmetics, as well as organic cosmetics can be applied to your skin without the side effects of normal toxic chemicals that are normally found in most cosmetics.

The major makeup brands are usually developing more natural enhanced formulas of their top selling products each year. Natural cosmetics are also a favorite of environmentally conscious movie stars, who are showing up on the red carpets and displaying a natural radiance. This means that you don't need the toxic chemicals in cosmetics to have a beautiful appearance.

You can generally find toxic chemicals in cosmetics in most products around the world. There are various additives and preservatives that are sometimes unsafe.

Cosmetics have been around for centuries. They have gone from being a mostly women's product, to something that is used by women and men everywhere to better their looks.

Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics - Advantages of Using Natural and Organic Cosmetics

There are many advantages to using natural cosmetics, instead of those that are chemically based. Our skin is a living organ that has the ability to absorb over half of what is put on it. Once it is absorbed, it can easily work its way into your blood system. For this reason, toxic chemicals in cosmetics can have long-term health effects, including cancer. There are some chemicals in cosmetics that can damage your immune system, and this changes how your body fights off many diseases.

Natural and organic cosmetics also supply well needed vitamins and minerals to your skin. Ingredients in many natural cosmetics have high amounts of Vitamins A, B, and E. They keep your skin smooth, and give it that extra glow. These vitamins can help oily, dry and extra delicate skin. You can usually find different natural cosmetics for different skin types.

Another reason why vegetarians want to stay away from toxic chemicals in cosmetics is because these products are often tested on animals. Animals are forced to be injected with these cosmetics, and have them squirted into their eyes, and are made to inhale them for long periods of time to test their adverse effects. Many would be shocked that there are still some major cosmetic companies, who continue this practice today.

Important Caution about Natural Cosmetics

Just because something is natural, doesn't mean that it is safe for everyone. There are many natural substances that people have allergies against. Honey is great for cleansing your skin, but there are some people, who are allergic to honey. Lemon is great for your skin, but it's also acidic, and some have skin reactions to it.

These are just a few examples, but the main point is that natural doesn't equal safe. Before using any natural cosmetics, you should apply a little to your hand or neck, and wait a few hours to make sure your skin doesn't have any reaction to it.

Toxic chemicals in cosmetics are bad, but so is an allergic reaction to natural medicine.

Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics - Conclusion

It's obvious that toxic chemicals in cosmetics are problems for the environment and for your health. Looking good doesn't need to come at the expense of poisoning our bodies.